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North10 Philadelphia works to improve life outcomes for community members of the North Philadelphia Hunting Park-East Tioga community so current residents and future generations live happy, healthy, and civically engaged lives.

North10 Philadelphia serves the Hunting Park-East Tioga community

We would like to thank Health Partners Foundation for their generous donation!!!

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By the Numbers



The Hunting Park-East Tioga population is 6,340, with 30% of the population being under 19 years-old.


40% of Hunting Park-East Tioga residents live in poverty, while 20% of the residents live in extreme poverty.


95% of the students in Hunting Park and East Tioga attend public schools, with 71% of students graduating high school.


The median household income for residents in Hunting Park-East Tioga is $21,547 per year. The median household income in the US is $59,039 per year.

Hands-Only CRP Mobile Kiosk

Hands-Only CRP Mobile Kiosk

Our partnership with the American Heart Association has afforded us the opportunity to host a ‘Hands-Only CRP Mobile Kiosk’ inside the Lenfest Center. On January 31, 2024, the announcement was made with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

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