Our History

North10, Philadelphia grew from the commitment and vision of philanthropist Chase Lenfest.

North10, Philadelphia is a community-focused foundation that has grown from the commitment and vision of Chase Lenfest and from the support of the H. Chase Lenfest Foundation. In 2007 the Foundation reclaimed unused land from a dilapidated former SEPTA repair station and made it the site of a brand new 52,000 square-foot facility that would serve as a vital community crossroads.

The Lenfest Center, a model neighborhood community center, is located at 3890 North 10th Street. Hence the name for our nonprofit, North10, Philadelphia.

Together with outside partners, the Center’s staff offer a range of innovative programs for neighborhood children–from academics and sports to cooking and chess– as well as a growing array of education, training, and service options for adults. Over the past 12 years, the Center has proven its value as a safe and welcoming place for area residents to gather and connect. Functioning as a vibrant hub that facilitates culturally relevant neighborhood engagement, advocacy, education, and improved community health outcomes, the Center was our starting point.

Now North10’s impact reaches out across the neighborhood. North10 was established in 2018 as the parent organization of the Lenfest Center to serve the Hunting Park-East Tioga area of North Philadelphia (the Bethune catchment). As the community backbone, North10 brings organizational structure, focus, and capacity to leverage, coordinate, and facilitate the collective impact of our work together with that of our mission-based colleagues in the community. We collaborate with partners to facilitate strategic, resident-driven revitalization and service initiatives that foster economic growth, increase housing options enhance learning opportunities, and promote wellness.

Students at Lenfest Center


Through strong partnerships with a shared vision and mutual accountability, North10, Philadelphia works to improve the life outcomes for community members in Hunting Park and East Tioga by facilitating economic growth, increasing housing options, enhancing learning opportunities, and promoting wellness in order for current residents and future generations to live happy, healthy, and civically engaged lives.


Building upon the achievements, commitment, and ingenuity of neighborhood and local leadership, North10 will support community revitalization efforts so that by 2028, Hunting Park and East Tioga will be home to:



A high-quality cradle-to-career educational pipeline so that every neighborhood child has access to learning opportunities worthy of their promise.

economic development

Economic Development

A diverse cohort of local businesses, job opportunities, and adult learning options.



Dignified, high-quality housing; readily available resources for current homeowners and homebuyers; and both rental and ownership opportunities that prioritizes the needs of the current residents.



A safer, cleaner, and greener environment, where all residents have access to affordable healthy food, an array of physical, mental, and behavioral health services.

Board of Directors

H. Chase Lenfest

H. Chase Lenfest

Founder & Chairman of the Board

H. Chase Lenfest owns or holds interests in a diverse portfolio of companies operating in media, marketing, technology, real estate, and private and public equity investment. He is a dedicated philanthropist, with a particular passion for improving the quality of life for urban and inner-city residents, which he advances through personal endeavors and his two foundations. As the president of The H. Chase Lenfest Foundation, Inc., which began operations in 2002, Mr. Lenfest provides financial support for programs intended to make a positive impact on the lives of children primarily in the Philadelphia area.

Ingrid Boucher

Ingrid Boucher

Board Member

Ingrid Boucher is Founder and Principal at Bloom Planning. Ms. Boucher’s passion is improving opportunities and outcomes for all children by helping nonprofit and education-related organizations operate in strategic, efficient, high-impact ways. She uses her 20+ years of experience in education and social services to help clients create mindful, meaningful processes that guide transformation and propel their organizations in successful pursuit of their missions. Ingrid understands that effective change begins with strong relationships that support honest conversations and lead organizations in bold, desirable directions. She has an abiding commitment to supporting organizations that serve and work on behalf of vulnerable people.

John Henry

John Henry

Board Member

John Henry is Chairman/Founder, CEO, Chariot Companies. Mr. Henry is a nationally-recognized social entrepreneur and business leader with a long record of success. As the Founder, Chairman & CEO of Chariot Companies, he is recognized for creating new and sustainable business strategies, products and solutions that meet social needs or serve overlooked markets to enhance quality of life. By dissolving traditional business boundaries and unrestricted by conventional forms and structures, Mr. Henry is bringing new value chain choices to markets that will create demand for equipment, systems, technology and education that save energy, conserve resources and support socio-economic growth in communities.

Thomas Pasch

Thomas Pasch

Board Member

Thomas Pasch is Vice President and General Counsel of the Lenfest Media Group. Mr. Pasch practiced law with the Philadelphia based law firms of Braemer, Ableson & Hitchner; Hoyle, Morris & Kerr; Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhodes; and Saul Ewing, LLC before joining the Lenfest Group, LLC as General Counsel in 2000, representing the business and personal interests of the Lenfest family members. In 2004 he began full-time representation of the business and personal interests of H. Chase Lenfest.

Leah Stauffer

Leah Stauffer

Board Member

Leah Stauffer is Vice President of Business Development , WEIV Agency at WEIV Media Corp and Founder, Half a Million Kids. Ms. Stauffer is an accomplished entrepreneur who has applied her visionary and organizational skills to several successful entities throughout her career including but not limited to The Learning Studio (a forum for women’s empowerment and life enrichment programs) and Philadelphia Films. As an investigative researcher, director, and producer, Leah has Co-Produced an award-winning feature film, and developed a nationally-licensed motivational dance program, book, and DVD series. She has been featured by publications such as the Washington Post, Women’s Health, O Magazine, The Times London, CNN and numerous other local, national, and international media.

Dr. John Tupponce

Dr. John Tupponce

Board Member

Dr. John Tupponce is Chief Operating Officer of City Year. Dr. Tupponce serves as a key leader in the implementation of systems, processes, and organizational design, and works to align impact, fundraising, and district engagement operations with City Year’s vision and goals for the future. Prior to this role, Dr. Tupponce served as an as assistant superintendent for the School District of Philadelphia, where he managed and lead a portfolio of 20-40 educational sites and 300-500 employees, overseeing $90 to $150 million in funding, promoting transformational outcomes, and increasing student achievement. Dr. Tupponce began his career as a teacher and has held other leadership roles in school systems in Virginia and in Philadelphia, including as a school principal and executive director.

Leadership Team

Dr. Joshua Klaris

Dr. Joshua Klaris

Executive Director

Josh Klaris has more than 25 years professional experience, with a significant expertise in school and non-profit improvement and innovation at the local and system-level. Currently, he is the Executive Director of North10, Philadelphia, a “place-based” community change, strategy organization that is committed to improving the overall quality of life for current residents in the Hunting Park-East Tioga community of North Philadelphia. North10 is the parent organization of the Lenfest Center.

Previously, Josh was the Director of School Leadership for Generation Ready, a leading national provider of leader and teacher professional learning services. In 2013, Josh served as the Resident Principal at the United States Department of Education. Josh co-founded DREAM Charter School in East Harlem, New York, and served as the school’s first Principal and Executive Director from 2007-2011. Before that, Josh served as the principal of PS 183 in Manhattan after holding positions as an assistant principal and teacher within the New York City Department of Education from 1994. He was a 1991 Teach for America corps member, starting his career as a kindergarten teacher at St. Mary Parish in Amelia, Louisiana.

Josh has a doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.L.D.) from Harvard University, a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Teachers College, a master’s degree in administration and supervision from New York University, and a bachelor’s degree in history from Tufts University. He and his wife, Amy, have 17-year-old twins, Gabriel and Eloise.

Nikki J. Bagby

Nikki J. Bagby

Chief External Affairs Officer

Nikki J. Bagby is a public service professional with varied experience in both the nonprofit and government sectors. She currently serves as Chief External Affairs Officer for North10, Philadelphia. With a special passion for families and young people who are affected by systemic poverty, Nikki works tirelessly to help empower the residents in the Hunting Park-East Tioga neighborhood of North Philadelphia and other communities of color through human services to ensure that people have the tools they need to prepare for success throughout their lives.


Before joining North10, Nikki served as the CEO/Founder, A Humbled Heart Inc., (a certified MBE, SDB and SB) consultant firm. She has an extensive background and expertise in Public Healthcare, Community/Economic Development, small business development, social service delivery, community engagement, special event coordination, event planning etc. In that role Nikki was responsible for maintaining and building partnerships that include but were not limited to faith-based institutions, community-based organizations, state/city legislative officials, small/large businesses, health systems, public/charter schools and even influencers/celebrities. She has also appeared on several television, news and radio broadcast stations and has been invited to speak as a keynote and panelist for several

community and health-related events and seminars. Nikki works tirelessly to break down

barriers as it relates to health disparities especially focused on Communities of Color and Black

Women Health. She is a licensed and ordained faith leader and has been awarded many

honors for her extensive community services such as; The Philadelphia 76ers Tip of the Hat

recipient, Philadelphia Eagles Community Quarterback Award, Baird’s Financial 2019

Women’s Conference Give Back Award, Jaden’s Voices Community Partnership Award;

Children Hospital of Philadelphia and the Nicetown Community Development Corporation’s

Community Service Award, awarded proclamations the PA House of Representatives and

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, just to name a few. She is deeply passionate about

community advocacy and has served on several boards throughout her career. She is

currently a board member of Philadelphia Youth Basketball, Resources for Human

Development, Black Women’s Leadership Council of Philadelphia, PA Health Choices

Southeast Advisory Committee, and Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) Advisory

Council. In her business and personal life, she is deeply passionate about helping others.

Her goal is to bridge gaps by being a resource to those she serves; especially those who

are underserved, under-exposed, disenfranchised and simply have no voice.