What We Do

North10 supports community revitalization efforts so that by 2028, Hunting Park and East Tioga will be home to:

  • A high-quality cradle-to-career educational pipeline so that every neighborhood child has access to learning opportunities worthy of their promise.
  • A safer, cleaner, and greener environment, where all residents have access to affordable healthy food, an array of physical, mental, and behavioral health services.
  • Dignified, high-quality housing; readily available resources for current homeowners and homebuyers; and both rental and ownership opportunities that prioritizes the needs of the current residents.
  • A diverse cohort of local businesses, job opportunities, and adult learning options.

Here’s what we do to make that vision a reality:

Youth and Adult Programs

K-8 Out-of-School Time

Providing high quality after school programming to local youth

North10, Philadelphia’s Out-of-School Time (OST) programming offers high quality, structured learning opportunities for local youth in grades K-8, outside of the traditional school day. The program, which takes place at the Lenfest Center, runs daily from 2:30-5:30 p.m.; summer programming is also available.

Serving the children of the Hunting Park-East Tioga sections of North Philadelphia, OST has integrated a trauma-informed care approach to its after-school programming. Built on the principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment, trauma- informed care supports the positive growth and development of children who live with systemic stresses that can cause lasting impact.

North10 staff works together with program partners to leverage resources and ensure high- quality programming to serve the unique needs of families, children and youth in the community.

In designing this important community resource, North10 sought to create programming that values the voices of youth; encourages participation in the design, delivery and evaluation of services; instills leadership qualities in youth; and involves civic involvement, engagement and contribution through service.

The North10 OST program operates in “pods” – small clusters of students, who are referred to as scholars. Typical program enrollment includes 36 scholars, divided into four pods of nine scholars. North10 has developed guidance to ensure the health and safety of scholars, staff and partners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • One full-time, highly qualified North10 youth development professional is assigned to each pod; part-time staff are assigned to groups as needed.
  • Program partners conduct specialized activities in each pod throughout the week. Daily programming is broken down into two 45-minute program segments, a 15- minute “brain break”/stretch, and dismissal that includes grab-and-go dinner and breakfast for the next day.

Fall 2020 activities and programming includes ARTrageous, OST’s award-winning chess team, Urban Intervention (academic tutoring), Clay Studio, Focus Mentoring, Mighty Writers and nutrition education (through Vetri Community Partnership).

Gardening with students
Frontline Workers eating

Workforce Development & Job Readiness

North10, Philadelphia is taking a two-generation approach to its programs and services to best address the needs of the family life cycle. Launched in January 2021, North10 has partnered with the Construction Apprenticeship Preparatory Program (CAPP). This program is focused on addressing long-standing employment disparities for minorities seeking meaningful employment in the construction industry and eliminating barriers of entry into building trade unions. 

Community Services

Resident received box of food from Lenfest's weekly food distribution

Hunger Insecurity and the Food Desert

 North 10, Philadelphia is actively working to get healthy food into the hands of children, families and seniors who need it most. North10 provides food distribution via a hybrid of home delivery service and on-site distribution. Currently, the distribution schedule is EVERY Tuesday 1pm-2pm at the Lenfest Center. 

Hunting Park-East Tioga Capital Projects

Development without Displacement


Be A Gem Crossing and Carman Gardens Beyond - Corner Perspective

Be a Gem Crossing

A new 68,000-square-foot, mixed-use development on the site of the former Liberty Motel at Germantown Avenue and Westmoreland Street. Be a Gem Crossing is brings critical new services and housing to the Germantown Avenue commercial corridor in the East Tioga neighborhood.

Bethune Elementary Schoolyard

Deepening its commitment to the children and families of the neighborhood, North10 is working with key partners to create a safe and community-focused space at Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School, open to all community residents. Through a collaboration with The Trust for Public Land (TPL), a national nonprofit organization, the schoolyard will be transformed into a community park with and for our neighbors. Based on TPL’s 10-Minute Walk Impact Report, 9,402 residents live within half a mile of the proposed schoolyard site, with 30% – nearly 3,000 – being children under the age of 20.

As part of the participatory design process, Bethune teachers and students will have a unique hands-on role in envisioning their future schoolyard.  North10 and TPL are taking an important step to combat
this injustice, by providing all children the right to be children through the opportunity of outdoor play. 

Resident-Driven Neighborhood Strategic Planning

North10 Philadelphia (North10), working with Interface Studios, V. Lamar Wilson Associates, and the Scattergood Foundation, seeks to comprehensively enhance the quality of life with residents in a section of Philadelphia’s Hunting Park-East Tioga neighborhoods by facilitating a resident-driven plan that improves increases dignified, high quality housing options; stimulates economic development, jobs, and business growth; and ensures the health and wellness of the community through sound physical, mental, and behavioral health services and clean, safe environment. This section of North Philadelphia has faced decades of disinvestment and neglect leading to complicated challenges, including intergenerational poverty and few social supports for health and wellness. Please visit the plan’s page here.
Resident received box of food from Lenfest's weekly food distribution