Our own staff was in Generocity here, speaking about how, ‘marred by deep poverty, Hunting Park remains one of Philadelphia’s poorest neighbors to this day.

“It’s not even what [poverty] does to a neighborhood, it’s what does it do to all of us,” said Latesha Sims, chief of staff at North 10 Philadelphia, which is dedicated to helping residents in Hunting Park and East Tioga better their lives socially, civically, and economically. As she told Generocity, hers is the Lenfest Center‘s parent organization, opened by HJ Lenfest about 13 years ago.

“[Poverty] really creates barriers for being able to tap into the greatness in communities like Hunting Park and East Tioga,” she said.

This story was covered by Brandon Dorfman. (Photo by Dan Parlante on Unsplash)