North10, Philadelphia

serving Hunting Park and East Tioga

North10, Philadelphia is committed to improving the overall quality of life in the Hunting Park and East Tioga communities of North Philadelphia. Building on nearly a decade of investing in structured and innovative enrichment and athletic programming for community youth at the Lenfest Center, North10, Philadelphia now aims to expand our impact to develop and implement a “place-based” community change strategy.

Our Vision

Building upon the achievements, commitment, and ingenuity of neighborhood residents and local leadership, North10 will support community revitalization efforts so that by 2028, Hunting Park and East Tioga will be home to:

A high-quality cradle-to-career educational pipeline so that every neighborhood child has access to learning opportunities worthy of their promise.

A safer, cleaner, and greener environment, where all residents have access to affordable healthy food, an array of physical, mental, and behavioral health services.

Dignified, high-quality housing; readily available resources for current homeowners and homebuyers; and both rental and ownership opportunities that prioritizes the needs of the current residents.

A diverse cohort of local businesses, job opportunities, and adult learning options

North10, Philadelphia is a division of 3890 N. 10, Inc.